Certified Professional Development Webinars for Teachers in the Next 3 Months

Hello, my dear colleagues!screenshot_3

Although the studying almost officially finished (with an exception of writing the final master academic research), some crazy brains (like me) are still hungry of knowledge and professional development.

Many teachers do it just for the sake of the credits or points they are going to get at work, but for many other teachers, the goal is different.

As a young teacher, who is experienced but not in a public school way, I want to attend webinars and get certifications in the areas that are my interest.

I will continue with my professional development plan, and learn every year to achieve continued learning.

This year will be full of projects, essays written for pedagogic journals and other super nerdy fun, including the training of becoming the National Geographic Certified Educator! (Which excites me very much, as you can see by the exclamation mark). This course lasts about 20 hours and we need to plan lessons, teach them and send them back to NG for evaluation. I will write about that course in a separate post, as I progress with the certification.

Now, a little about PD in my country. Most seminars are organized by the PD department of Serbia, and 99% of the seminars can be attended only in person. The minimum price of the seminars is 20usd. I keep scrolling through those seminars and I rarely find something I like. Needless to say, the number of seminars conducted in English language is zero.

My main interests are teaching young learners, teaching innovations, and inclusion and special education.

You can register very easily on EDWEB.NET and see a calendar of upcoming webinars. Be careful when you choose a seminar – even though I liked some topics, the educators were not qualified as much as I would like them to be. The integrity of the webinar depends of the experience and education of the hosts.


When I apply for jobs that are my area of expertise, I will add the certifications which fit the position. Make sure not to add 15 webinar certifications to your CV because in the end, your formal education is number 1 certificate you should present.

If you are an English teacher, choose webinars given by National Geographic Education, Cambridge, Oxford or British Council. This way you can be sure that the webinar you attended is worth adding to your CV.

Here are some of the webinars I signed up for in the next 3 months:

  1. Autism and Visual Supports: Powerful Strategies for School, Home, and the Community – EDWEB
  2. Picture Inclusion! Snapshots of Successful Diverse Classrooms – EDWEB
  3. Autism and Anxiety: Assessment and Intervention – EDWEB
  4. The use of the first language in EMI – how to tell parents- OXFORD
  5. The value of gamification for language learning – CAMBRIDGE
  6. Teens together: collaborative learning and project work- CAMBRIDGE

I also applied for two super useful webinars for young learners, but the webinar openings seem to be closed now. You can check this link for upcoming webinars with young learners.

What you do think about continued learning and life-long education? How to you continue to educate yourself and what is your professional development plan? You can write via the Contact page or in the comment section.

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