Turn Off The TV – Podcasts for Children

Hello, my dear colleagues!
We all know that our children have too much screen time. Luckily, there are many things that we can to avoid that nowadays. One of them are fun, full of content and jolly podcasts made by kids for kids!
You can use it with your children and with the kids at school as well – the kids will be entertained and they will learn seamlessly, since peer learning is a very effective learning method. The children will practice their listening skills and comprehension, they will not just learn about a new content.
The post is separated into science podcasts, story podcasts, arts and culture and current events.
Let’s dive into the fun world of podcasts for kids!

Science Podcasts

1. Wow in the World


A NPR children’s podcast is about science and technology. Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz (from TED Radio Hour and How I Built This) investigate things eagerly with lot of sound effects.

  • For Ages: 6–12
  • Average Length: 25 minutes

2. Brains On

icon_414697070-4aabed2558d1e637459ea0b4a3075b3dfd472806-s400-c85.pngAmerican Public Media’s podcast Brains On talks about a single, more complex question in each episode. How do pianos work? What are chameleons? Children and youth participate in interviews with leading experts in the field to answer these questions and more.

  • For Ages: 10+
  • Average Length: 30 minutes


3. Shabam

Shabam-670x499.jpgShabam blends scientific facts with a fictional story to create an adventure so fun and kids learn seamlessly. Mel is an emergency room doctor who works with a group of intelligent and curious children through their adventure after a pandemic begins. The podcast resembles the Magic School Bus cartoon.

  • For Ages: 8–12
  • Average Length: 30 minutes

4. But Why (A Podcast for Curious Kids)


Random questions made by children answered by experts! As fun as it can be!

  • For Ages: 7–10
  • Average Length: 25 minutes

5. The Show About Science

Seven year old Nate explores science and various interesting topics with a help of an adult. Interesting and colorful!

  • For Ages: 6–8
  • Average Length: 15 minutes

6. Tumble Science Podcast for Kids


This podcast doesn’t only help children to understand basic science, they also want children to understand how science works — and that it can’t answer every question!

  • For Ages: 5–10
  • Average Length: 15 minutes

Story Podcasts

Are you bored with conventional stories? These stories offer fun characters and they are great alternative to movies and books. Great for falling asleep.

7. Stories Podcast 


The stories usually turn into a great, fabulous, long tale, and the children love it!

  • For Ages: 3–8
  • Average Length: Varies significantly by episode

8. The Story Pirates Podcast

170x170bb.jpgThis podcast creates dramatizations of various stories told by a child author.


  • For Ages: 3–8
  • Average Length: 10 minutes


9. The Old Time Radio Superman Show

The Adventures of Superman was created in the 1940s, and it was a very popular radio drama.  Now it is back in motion and the whole family can listen to it! It has over 300 episodes released so far.

  • For Ages: 7+
  • Average Length: 15 minutes

10. Story Nory


Story Nory has a library with online books, songs and podcasts. Some of them are modern and some are traditional. They also have a lot of themed posts (Christmas, Halloween etc), and they include a content from a lot of different cultures.

  • For Ages: 3–8
  • Average Length: 5 minutes


Arts and Culture Podcasts

11. Classics for Kids


This podcast tells you a story behind well-know pieces of music. It mentions interesting facts about the composers and each compose has a few episodes. A great way to get introduced to classical music!

  • For Ages: 5–10
  • Average Length: 6 minutes


12. Book Club for Kids

170x170bb (1).jpg

If your child likes discussing, then this is a post for you. Each podcast has a part where a child expresses its opinion about a book, there is an interview with the book author, and a part of the story is read by a famous actor.

  • For Ages: 8–12
  • Average Length: 20 minutes


13. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Done in the style of old time radio, this podcast features characters who interact with important historical figures, with a slight tone of comedy.

  • For Ages: 8+
  • Average Length: 5 minutes

14. The Past and the Curious


An amazing podcast! It covers so much historical information in such a short time. The children will love it and learn so many things!

  • For Ages: 7–12
  • Average Length: 30 minutes

Current Events

15. Short and Curly

170x170bb (2).jpgA crazy podcast with a lot of moral dilemmas! Is Dumbledore as good as he seems? Do you need to love your siblings? This podcast covers so many various topics and there is a list with questions, so that you can continue the discussion with your family!

  • For Ages: 7+
  • Average Length: 25 minutes


16. Dream Big


A daughter and a mom interview all kinds of  interesting people! You will hear about many different occupations and the listeners are welcome to join in the live podcast!

  • For Ages: 6+
  • Average Length: 20 minutes


What do you think about podcasts for kids at home and in the classroom? Tell me about it it in the comments, or write via the Contact form.

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