Newest Additions to our English Library (Pdfs of the Books Available Upon Request)

Hello, my dear colleagues!

We started our kids library even before our little one was born, and since then, we’ve had many additions to the family. Our books are in Serbian and in English as well, and I am in love with our current library – I can’t wait for our boy to grow up a little bit so that we could read every day.

We’ve also been getting some book packages from a very nice lady in Hungary. The books are almost new and I love every single thing she sent us so far, since I used many of the books in my classroom as well.


Here are the newest additions to our English book library for kids. All the books are available in the pdf format and I scanned them, so If you wish to get any of them, just drop me a message via the contact form. I cannot post the books publicly because of the copyright.

1. Rosie Robin’s Birthday Surprise – Julie Haydo (board book, hardcover, sound button)

A very fun book with birds as main characters. The topic of the book is birthday celebration, and it has the sound button with REPLACEABLE batteries, yay! This is rare for such books, because usually, when the batteries wear off, you cannot replace them.


2. Snowman’s Party (board book, hardcover)

Starting a party has never been easier! Let’s organize a party together, invite many friends for treats and learn shapes and colors on the way!

Other than shapes, we can teach food, animals and winter clothing using this book.


3. Pirate! (board book, hardcover, sound button)

All boys are pirates!

Another sound book, but in this one, the batteries cannot be replaced. ­čśŽ

It is super fun and the hole on the pages can be used to insert a finger puppet. It is a story about a treasure hunt and friendship! Various sea animals appear in the book, and the book has a very interesting shape.


4. Thomas, the tiger (board book, hard cover, finger puppet)

A tiger cub Thomas embarks on a journey through the savanna and meets many animals – wild boars, deer, tortoise and so on. The book has a finger puppet and it is very cute and easy to use. In the end of the book, the cub is so tired and he falls asleep in the arms of mama tiger.

Useful for teaching wild animals, action verbs and mother-child bonding as well.

This book cannot be scanned because the finger puppet is detachable.


5. Where’s my mummy? (board book, hard cover, touchy-feely)

A book with the almost classical topic – a baby animal is lost and in search of his mummy. He will meet many animals on the way and┬á go through many emotions until he finds his real mother. The book also has a touchy-feely part – the fur of a tiger – his mother. Excellent for sensory play and connecting baby animals to their parents.


What do you think about our latest books? Have you ever read any of them? How would you use them in your classroom? If you wish to get these scanned books, drop me a message via the Contact form.

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