PowerPoint Games – Samples Which You Can Use to Create Your Own Games

Hello, my dear colleagues.

Lately, I’ve been organizing the flaschards, worksheets, class books and ppt games I’ve accumulated over time. All teachers want to include games in their lessons but It’s not always easy to organize a new game instantly. Children love using computers and since most of us are not programmers (in the end, teachers aren’t Gods), we cannot create our own games. Luckily, this is where Power Point kicks in – there are many customizable ppt games on the internet, if you know where to look, of course.

Some of them maintained the 00’s design, but pictures and backgrounds can be changed and modernized easily – the skeleton of the game (the hyperlinks and animations) are the most important parts of the ppt game.

I started redesigning some of them, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Scroll below to see my ppt games collection (which will be updated on the go, as I find or make new games.)

Please send me a message via the contact page if you wish me to send you any game – posting so many ppts on the blog is very space consuming, and the space on the free WordPress blog is quite limited.

I will also add brief game descriptions, so let’s jump right into the ppt games!

  1. Guess the emotion! – A fun game with emotions, face expressions and feelings, with a pretty nice vector design, although it could be a bit toned down because there are too many shapes and it could be distracting.


2. Guess the job – the name of the game is pretty self explanatory! 🙂


3.  Puzzle game – play a puzzle game  with questions or TPR activities to discover the picture beneath!


4. Present Continuous Game


5. Fully customizable associations game!


6. What is the weather like? 


7. Guess the animal sound game! – Again, fully customizable ppt and the farm animals can be changed with zoo animals, or any other topic where we can incorporate a sound game.


8. A brilliant Halloween Hangman game which is pretty hard to make! The design is great and it can be easily modified to fit any lesson topic!


9. Past Simple Game –  a game modified from the Present Continuous tense game. 🙂


10. A guessing game which I only started redesigning. The game resembles the old ”Who am I?” game and it can be used in virtually any lesson.


11. A pretty fun TPR clapping game – pretty outdated design but a great game to learn action verbs or learn how to sing new songs though TPR.


12. Animal scramble game – great for learning sight words in any thematic unit.


13. Past simple irregular verbs grammar game


These are just some of the games that I collected so far, so stay tuned for updates.

Disclaimer: Some of these games are not my property – they are downloaded from various teaching websites which offered free resources. I am not earning profit out of posting these games in any way.

Let me know in the comments, or via the Contact form what do you think of this post. Have you ever used ppt games in your lessons? What do you think about using ppts in your lessons in general? PLEASE REQUEST THE GAMES VIA THE CONTACT PAGE. Thank you. 🙂

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