Toucan Box Review – First Craft Box Free, Only Pay Shipping

Hello, my dear colleagues!

Sometimes all of us get into that rainy weather mood, so we don’t know what to do with ourselves, let alone what to do with the children.

Toucanbox ships wordwide and the shipping fee is very small. The box costs £7.95+ £2 delivery, and it really pays off, trust me.

The box offers discounts and coupons for parents, supplies for 2 complete crafts, an activity book which is amazing, stickers, badges and a play mat to stick them on. The goodies are amazing, they will keep the children occupied and the box is personalized – it has the child’s name printed on the box!

The box is available for kids aged from 3 to 8 years old. THE FIRST BOX IS FREE, AND THE SHIPPING IS 2£. The children’s excitement while opening the box is priceless, and all children like receiving mail addressed to them. It may sound expensive, but it is worth it, and you can get it only once a month.

The content is based on STEM activities, and it is created by professionals to fit into the school curriculum. The visuals are very good and the print quality is outstanding as well.

Here’s an infosheet on STEM based activities:


They offer discounts if your whole class wants to buy it and it’s so nice of them! As a teacher, I am very pleased with this craft box, and with the worksheets in the activity book as well. It can be really expensive to print worksheets in color and to buy so much craft material for 30 children. Not all parents can probably afford to spend 1000 Serbian dinars a month on a craft box, but I am sure that once they see it, they will realize that it’s worth it.

Without further ado, here are the goodies from the box.

You can see the amount of fully unpacked craft materials on the first photo and the child’s name on the box.

Again the pictures are taken by my younger sister, since the box is at her apartment. I will upload better photos as soon as I get home.


Here are the goodies for parents:


The packed and unpacked crafts:


Last, but not least, the activity book and the poster-game for the badges. Each craft has 1 badge, and when you gather all the badges, you will be able to claim your prize on the ToucanBox website.


ToucanBox website is packed with information, so you can find anything that interests you there. They also have a blog, where they write about various fun activities.

What do you think about craft boxes in your home and in the classroom? Have you ever ordered any? Write about it in the comments or via the the Contact form.

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